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Let’s Do Something Wonderful

Every time we look at the clock, we must learn to feel a sense of urgency. We must learn to realize that “now” is happening and will very soon be gone. We must look at the digits on the display and be overcome with an urge to do something before those digits change. Before “now” slips through our fingers. We must look at the ink on the calendar and see an immediate opportunity to do something wonderful, incredible, or beautiful. 

Dan Pearce

There is a tepid sense of relief that there is a letting up of the requirements to be as vigilant as we have had to be to keep the mysterious, morphing virus at bay, thus allowing us the basic human gratifications of enjoying an open, genuine smile or actually feeling the assuring hug of a friend. Slowly we are beginning to have our individuals venture back out into the community to enjoy and participate in those many activities and experiences that have been unavailable to them over the last year and four months. 

We are so pleased and proud of the response of our staff to the pandemic and of how their heroic efforts kept our people safe and free from catching the virus. We only had a handful of individuals become ill with just one participant and one staff requiring hospitalization. We are very grateful to all of you for the variety of ways in which you supported our efforts, either by your generous donations, or your kind, timely words of encouragement. 

While we are joyfully embracing these renewed freedoms we have also had to cope with the reality of impermanence due to the loss of two individuals that we were honored to support. The picture you see is of me and Heidi, a lovely woman that recently passed who for years lived at one of the group homes and attended the day program. The employees and other women that shared their home with her talked about the ways that Heidi truly added to their lives and of how they will miss her. Another incredible person that left us way to soon was George, a gentleman that brought everyone around him huge amounts of joy through his ever-present smile and enthusiasm for life!

Each time a person leaves us I am challenged by the question, “Did we do everything we could to give that individual the life they wanted and deserved?” We always, always, each of us, think that we’re going to be given the time we need to take care of all the things on our to do lists. When are we going to wake up and realize that this just isn’t so. This gift of now is our only reality and I plead that we develop an intense sense of urgency to live our lives fully and help others to do the same. 

Let’s grab the opportunity to do something wonderful, incredible, or beautiful!!

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