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Residential Alternatives

Residential Alternatives

It is a privilege, and a serious commitment, to accept the responsibility of working with an individual we serve to assist him or her with a major life change of transitioning into a different home. It is our belief that these homes need to be a part of the fabric of the neighborhoods in which they are located.


It is our duty to ensure that we are establishing safe and secure environments that facilitate the persons living there to explore the five valued life experiences as described by John O’Brien:

• Sharing ordinary places

• Growing in relationship

• Making choices

• Contributing

• Being respected


We will be successful regarding our efforts to integrate persons into the community when the homes are identified by the gifts and capabilities these persons are sharing with their neighbors. Each of our 10 Community Integrated Living Arrangements, that support anywhere from three to eight individuals, are staffed full time by our dedicated employees that have successfully completed our comprehensive staff training program.


The agency also manages one Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled, that is home to fifteen individuals. Our philosophy and approach to service delivery is the same for this setting as it is for our other residential settings.


For more information contact: 

Cindy Haworth

Cindy Haworth

Associate Executive Director