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New Growth Advocacy Board

New Growth Advocacy Board

The Garden Center Services’ New Growth Advocacy Board (NGAB) is a group of young professionals dedicated to Garden Center’s mission of advancing lives of connection, contribution, and meaning for the persons with developmental disabilities we serve and the individuals that support them.

The group works to plans events and activities that support the mission of Garden Center. Recent activities include:

  • A Disability Services Symposium hosted at St. Xavier University to introduce St. Xavier students to the developmental disability field with presentations by Garden Center Services staff.
  • A Movie Night for GCS program participants in conjunction with Marist High School. 
  • Rollout of a new digital fundraising opportunity for Garden Center, RoundUp
  • Planned for 2022 First Annual Sunny Smash Softball Tournament at St. Christina Fields


NGAB members are also meeting with local businesses to secure corporate partnerships for Garden Center that will secure essential funding to benefit the agency’s mission.

Garden Center is incredibly grateful to these motivated and enthusiastic young professionals who have committed their time and talent in support of our mission. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a part of this exciting group, contact us today!

New Growth Advocacy Board Members

For more information contact: 

Gerry Beagles

Executive Director