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March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already March! The new year has been flying by and it feels like we’ve hardly had any winter. Trust me, I’m not complaining!! 

You’ll find in this Leaflet a nice article by Associate Executive Director Cindy Haworth about Developmental Disabilities awareness month. It was President Ronald Reagan that formally made this designation back in 1987. I guess my hope would be that there will come a time when the need to identify a certain month to focus awareness on disabilities will no longer be necessary. But we’re not there yet. 

I’ve been thinking about ways that we could collaborate with any of you that are reading this newsletter to help us make this month an exciting and very visible celebration of the persons with developmental disabilities that we support. I myself will be reading a wonderful child’s book that addresses the challenges of growing up with a disability to a group of first graders at an elementary school, as well as holding information sessions at a couple of local high schools.  

I’m guessing that there’s a number of you that are reading this newsletter that have never had the opportunity to visit our agency, or if you have, it was a while ago. This month of March would be a perfect opportunity to arrange a short visit where you could stop by and hang out with the incredible individuals we serve. 

Additionally, we are always hoping to expose our participants to new experiences and capabilities. If you have a hobby or certain interest and you’d be open to sharing your passion for it with our folks, let’s work together to set up an hour volunteer session that I can assure you would be an awesome event for all involved. Additionally, if you have any group that you’re involved with, either work or personal, and you’d enjoy a short, informal presentation about developmental disabilities and disability services, just let me know. I could come on my own or bring along a couple of our program participants to assist me. 

Lastly, another way you could help us celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month would be by volunteering at our Second Chance Thrift Shop. This store is bringing in some much needed revenue that supports the quality programs we provide your loved ones, but we really need more volunteers. As you are able to offer us 1 or 2 three hour shifts a week, it would be so appreciated. 

For any of the reasons listed above, please contact me directly at 708-560-4400.

Thank you,


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