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The Gift of Girl Scout Cookies

I recently received a phone call from a Mrs. Foley that I had met a couple of months ago at a memorial we had held for a wonderful man named Tim that had passed way too soon due to a chronic illness. Mrs. Foley was family to Tim, and she had spoken to me the day of the memorial about how touched she was by the service and the outpouring of compassion she experienced from Tim’s peers and staff.

Mrs. Foley was contacting me to make me aware that her 10 year old granddaughter Bella was wanting to make a donation to the agency. Bella had recently received the generous donation of $100 dollars from a kind individual while she was attempting to sell the delicious cookies that are part of the girl scout tradition that we know so well. The donor didn’t want any cookies and Bella could have just put the money towards the revenue generated by the cookie sales. Instead, she decided all on her own that she would put the $100 towards the purchase of 25 boxes of girl scout cookies that she would personally deliver to Garden Center Services. I made arrangements to meet Mrs. Foley and Bella last Thursday at our State Rd. location for the Cookie Presentation! As if “tagalongs” and “do-si-dos” just on their own would not be cause for joy, the real impact came from meeting a 10 year old girl that was so wide eyed, confident, and committed to bringing smiles to persons with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Bella grew up knowing Tim and was able to share some memories of him. She really wanted to do something that would help make his friends happy. After Bella presented me with the cookies, she asked if she could see the all-purpose room that we use for lunches and also our membership meetings. You see, Bella has also been a member of a dance troupe since she was 3, and she was wanting to determine if the size of the all-purpose room would be ample space for her and several members of the troupe to put on a performance for us. WOW!!

At a time when it seems we are bombarded with news about suffering, disconnection, and retaliation, I hope this story about a caring, committed 10 year old girl scout brings a smile to your face.

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