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Taking Care of One Another

Every year, since 1949, the month of May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month. This observance is used to shed light on the importance of mental wellbeing by raising awareness and addressing the challenges faced by all of us due to the stress and insecurities of being human. I do feel that this is true now more than ever because of all the divisiveness and self-centeredness we seem to be bombarded with.

I am so grateful for this agency and the core values of respect, empowerment, and compassion that I observe multiple times each day through the interactions of our dedicated employees and the individuals supported through our programs. I have just celebrated my twenty first anniversary as the Executive Director here and in so many ways it has come to feel as a second home. But as is true with most homes, there may be individuals that are struggling with such troublesome difficulties or losses that it can drain their positive energy and will. I am always amazed and heartened how our staff can show up each and every day, no matter what they may be dealing with, and provide caring assistance to the persons we serve. 

One of the ways we have chosen to support our employees’ mental health and well-being has been by providing them and their families with an on-line counseling program called Talkspace.

Our staff, and their family members (13 years old or older) are eligible to receive two live, web counseling sessions per month and unlimited texting with their therapist. 

This program has been well-received by our staff and we are hopeful to fund a third year of Talkspace therapy for our staff through the funds we will raise at this year’s Sunny Smash Co-Ed Softball Tournament, but we need your help!

Please visit and sign up to Play, Volunteer, or Sponsor the event to help us provide these valuable supports for our dedicated and caring  staff. 

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