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A Story of Safety and Sacrifice

During this unprecedented novel coronavirus epidemic our agency’s top priority has been the safety and health of the wonderful individuals we’re honored to serve. We discerned that the best way to do this was to limit the exposure to the virus as much as possible. When we reached out to our staff to inquire if there were persons that had the interest and ability to actually move in to one of our group living situations, we were so heartened by the response we received. What truly impressed us was staff’s inclination to make whatever arrangements were necessary in their personal lives that would allow them to take on such a responsibility because “it was the right thing to do” for individuals they considered family!

As one week turned into two weeks and then into a month it was natural that the in-home staff were missing opportunities to share and celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special events with their own families. In order to demonstrate to these staff just how much we value them and their service to the individuals we support, we arranged for small, safely distanced “friends” to hold surprise lawn celebrations for these awesome staff. Please check out these pictures of Garden Center Services’ mascot Sunny celebrating Dee Dee’s outstanding service and stopping by our Lombard house to wish Felicia a Happy Birthday!!

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