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Supporting Individuals with Disabilities in Ukraine

At the same time that we are busy reaching out to our state legislators, advocating for an increase in funding for the services we provide for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, we are in contact with groups located in Belgium and Moldova to discuss strategies for supporting individuals with disabilities that live within or are fleeing Ukraine. I will tell you that it is an eye opening and daunting lesson to gain an awareness of what life is like for these fellow human beings, especially now. I will share some information below about where one might consider making a donation.

However, an essential point I wanted to make, is just how grateful we should be for the gains made by persons with I/DD over the years in our country. I have been involved with this movement for fifty years and have personally experienced the change from institutional “care” to persons living in their own homes in the community while making choices that affect their lives. I understand that there are still gains that we need to make, but allowing ourselves the time and space to feel the gratitude for what has been achieved is an important way to renew our energy for the next challenge!

If you’d like to help individuals with disabilities involved in the current Ukrainian crisis, please visit the European Association of Service providers website:

Organization: European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities


Contact Person: Rachel Vaughan, Head of Operations

EASPD Address: Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce 72, B- 1040 Brussels – Belgium.


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