Let’s Do Something Wonderful

Every time we look at the clock, we must learn to feel a sense of urgency. We must learn to realize that “now” is happening and will very soon be gone. We must look at the digits on the display and be overcome with an urge to do something before those digits change. Before “now” […]

Updates and a Request for Your Legislative Advocacy

As executive director of Garden Center Services, I can say that this challenging past year of the pandemic has been especially stressful for community-based agencies like ours that provide residential support to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. GCS currently serves 140 individuals who are either living in one of our 12 community living arrangements […]

Looking Back…and Forward

It’s somewhat hard to believe that a couple of days ago, on May 2nd, I celebrated my 18th year anniversary as the Executive Director of Garden Center Services. To say that the decision to accept this position changed my life would be such a huge understatement! After a long career working in this field, beginning […]

A Word from Gerry

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  –Martin Luther King Jr. Over the past few weeks and months our community has been forced to deal with multiple difficult challenges – the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting economic fallout, brutal scenes of racial oppression, and the following civil unrest. As […]


Earlier this week we were notified that the test for two of the individuals we support for the coronavirus came back negative. This was cause for much joy and relief, and also a recommitment to the strategies that we had put into place to keep our consumers and staff safe. To be this far into […]

A Story of Safety and Sacrifice

During this unprecedented novel coronavirus epidemic our agency’s top priority has been the safety and health of the wonderful individuals we’re honored to serve. We discerned that the best way to do this was to limit the exposure to the virus as much as possible. When we reached out to our staff to inquire if […]